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Soul Detective® protocols are organic therapeutic tools for mental health, health professional therapists and energy healers to help clients heal the origins or “invisible roots” of their complex emotional wounds. These tools help patients/clients connect to their true selves and inner guidance.

Many traditional emotional healing methods stop at the border of the mind, treating each problem as a developmental impasse, trauma, resistance to therapy, or interpersonal conflict. Soul Detective® work looks at the invisible world of spirit behind these problems and resolves the spiritual aspects involved—past life trauma, earthbound spirits, and invasive energies—in a gentle, win-win strategy.


Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019

Presenter and Trainer: Harriette McDonough LCSW, DCEP, ACP-EFT ( first trained teacher by Dr. Barbara Stone, the developer of Soul Detective® Protocols www.souldetective.net)

Time: 5pm – 6:30pm

Place: 520 Franklin Avenue, Suite L22, Garden City, NY 11530

Cost: FREE

Target Audience: Mental Health, health, and healing arts professionals.

To Reserve seat: Text or call Harriette at 516-680-2463 or email at info@threearms.com