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Welcome to my website! You have landed on my site because you are in search of a more holistic and organic way to reduce stress and anxiety and to be in more peace within yourself. My name is Harriette McDonough and I am a New York Licensed Masters of Social Work, committed to your well-being by using cutting-edge energy psychology techniques in my psychotherapy practice.

Energy psychology is the best balance between Western thought and techniques and Eastern philosophy and healing traditions. We have all forgotten that the heart is the true center of our being, not the mind as traditionally thought; healing is all about returning to our true hearts and our true selves.

You have landed here for a reason – to educate yourself of non-traditional modalities of healing with intent to bring you back to a more balanced and peaceful state.

Warmest wishes,

Harriette McDonough LMSW, DCEP, ACP-EFT

Upcoming Events

Sun. April 30 Advanced Level: Integrated Energy Therapy Training (Huntington, NY)
TBD Intermediate Level: Integrated Energy Therapy Training (Huntington, NY)
Sun. May 7 Basic Level: Integrated Energy Therapy Training (Huntington, NY)
TBD Essentials of Self-Grounding (Huntington, NY)
TBD Mastering the Art of Muscle Testing (Huntington, NY)
Tues. May 23 ABC’s of EFT (Huntington, NY)

Professionals & Advanced Healers Only
Sept. 2017 FREE DEMO about Soul Detective Level One: Healing Past Life Trauma 6:00pm-7:30pm (Garden City, NY)
Sept. 2017 Soul Detective Level I Training (Garden City, NY)
April 8-9 Soul Detective Level II Training (Deansboro, NY)
TBD Introduction to Energy Psychology


Individual Sessions



This section is for people who wish to have a private one to one session with me. All Energy Psychology and healing arts services are listed here. Click here to read about what issues can be helped and benefits gained. Click here for Services Listed.


Educational Classes



If you wish to learn more about the concepts and theories of Energy Balancing, Energy Psychology and the healing arts, click here.


Professional Training



This section is dedicated to mental health, health and all other healing arts professionals who wish to be trained in cutting-edge Energy Psychology techniques to add new organic-based techniques to their therapeutic tool bags for challenging patients/clients. Click here for more information.